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Activated EM•1® FAQ, Directions & Troubleshooting


What is the difference between Extended EM•1® and Activated EM•1®?


The term Activated EM•1®, also called EM•1® Activated, has replaced the term

Extended EM•1® (which was mostly used in North America).

Most of the world has been using the term Activated EM•1® which more accurately

describes the process (See "How is EM•1® applied? under ACTIVATION"

above for instructions on making Activated EM•1®).


The reason for the change is because the term "extended" led some

people to believe that EM•1® could be extended or propagated out multiple

times. That is, they thought that through the method of activation, they could

continually culture EM•1® on their own without having to buy more stock EM•1®.

See also "Can I make Activated EM•1® from Activated EM•1®?" below.


How do I know when the EM1® is activated?

After mixing the EM•1®, molasses, and water and putting in a tightly sealed

container, gas will start to be produced. On the third day gas is being

produced, the AEM•1® is ready (9 times out of 10).


Activated EM•1® can be ready to use anywhere from 3 to

10 days (cooler temperatures could slow the process and therefore take longer)

and may take as long as up to 14 days. Typical indications that the Activated

EM•1® is ready are as follows:



- Gassing has stopped or is negligent

- Odor is a sweet-sour smell

- pH is below 3.7 (3.5 is the goal)



These indications are only a guideline and do not guarantee an accurate



In making activated EM•1®, there are various activation rates (ratios of EM•1®

to molasses to water). We encourage the user to stick with the recommended

activation rate of 1:1:20 and not venture into more diluted rates until after,

at least, one year of successful activation experience. Various conditions

affect the choice made as to which activation rate is to be used. The greatest

factor is time before application of entire batch. A more diluted activated

EM•1® has a considerably decreased storage time (from 30 days long down to 5-7

days only, after they are ready to use).


There is no pressure or gas.


Pressure does not always build up. Checking the pH will tell for sure. We sell

pH paper for this purpose.


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